PHAIDRA is an acronym for Permanent Hosting, Archiving and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets. It is a comprehensive university Digital Asset Management System for the long-term securing of digital properties.

Digital objects archived in PHAIDRA are assigned permanent addresses, are then linked to structured metadata following the FAIR principles and then are able to be found by search engines.

The operation and development of this software is based on the Fedora Repository takes place at the University of Vienna.

PHAIDRA is used in a partner network, you can find the partners on the community page.

More about Repository Management PHAIDRA-Services at University of Vienna. 


The benefits of PHAIDRA include i. a. persistent citation, differentiated access concept, licensing, reliable long-term availability, Dublin Core and LOM-based metadata schemes, metadata of all objects are publicly available, sensitive data can be protected, all objects can be linked in different ways, metadata can be described in several languages and projects are supported with regard to a data management plan.

PHAIDRA and Research Data Management

PHAIDRA is designed to accompany research workflow from different professional directions. The so-called data management plan, which has already been demanded by many sponsors, which describes how the data used or generated is bypassed, can be stored for long-term preservation.


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