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University of Niš

The University of Niš constantly monitors the development of contemporary notions in the field of higher education. The determination to continuously advance scientific-research activity, now in accordance with the principles of the Open Access Initiative, was once again reinforced by the University of Niš through their participation in the project "New Library Services at the Universities of the Western Balkans" (N.L.S.W.B.U. 158764 Tempus-RS-Tempus JPGR17).

The main goals of the said project, in which the universities in Vienna, London and Maribor cooperated with the universities in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, (while in fact the university libraries of these universities acted as main executives), were the following: introduction of new library services that complete the automation process of library operations, and the implementation of the PHAIDRA system, which is one form of an institutional university repository.

The University Library "Nikola Tesla" in Niš, as a central library, has been working on the establishment and maintenance of the digital repository of the University of Niš: PHAIDRANI since 2011 and for this purpose they collect materials in electronic form. The materials in electronic form uploaded into the repository are considered to be an integral part of the University Library fund. The University of Niš and the University Library motivate authors, teachers and associates to publish their works in the PHAIDRANI repository, and thus to contribute to the visibility of the scientific, research and educational work of the academic community in Serbia.


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University Library “Nikola Tesla”
Kej Mike Paligorica 2а
18000 Niš