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University of Applied Arts Vienna

The University Library of the University of Applied Arts Vienna uses its instance of the digital asset management system PHAIDRA to permanently store the results of project d_lia - digital library angewandte - and make them accessible to an international public as a part of the University's digital heritage. The overall aim of d_lia was the digitization and long-term preservation of selected video artworks created by the University of Applied Arts Vienna faculty, students and alumni, including parts of the University Library's video collection and the inventory of the departments of Digital Art and Animation Film, stored on analog media like VHS or U-Matic. Furthermore PHAIDRA provides the digital repository for students' theses. In due course, the University Library plans to use PHAIDRA in projects connected with its special collections, like Japanese woodcut books, and to offer the system as a service to other departments of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. They should get the possibility to independently upload, share and archive digital resources of different media types, which represent artistic works by themselves, which document works of art or which are produced and used for research and teaching.



Local PHAIDRA Repository