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PHAIDRA, an acronym for Permanent Hosting, Archiving and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets, is an all-university digital asset management system with permanent storing functions. PHAIDRA provides a technological basis for the realization of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, which was signed on January 26, 2010, by Georg Winckler, the Rector of the University of Vienna at that time.


The University of Vienna has established the objective of providing members of the university (teaching, research, administration and students) with the opportunity of storing, documenting and permanently archiving their publications in research and teaching, and to make them available worldwide in the internet. The digital objects of the university institution can also be archived with PHAIDRA. For this purpose, the software provides comprehensive tools for the formal and content-based composition, as well as a framework for the creation of e-books (including born-digital materials). The use of keywords, abstracts, descriptions, classifications and thesauri including ÖFOS, PACS, EUROVOC, Getty, ACM and so on is possible.

Rights of Authors

The protection of the rights of authors and others is in accordance with the terms of use stipulated by the employee council. The copyright of object suppliers is to be preserved. Publication in PHAIDRA does not preclude but encourages the publication of content in other forms, such as the printed version, and stored versions on other servers. All members of the University of Vienna are recommended to secure appropriate further copyright when finalizing a contract with a publishing house, and to additionally publish their documents in PHAIDRA. Object suppliers are encouraged to use Creative Commons licenses. The observance of copyright and exploitation rights of third parties is the responsibility of the supplier of objects.

Organizational Guides

PHAIDRA was developed at the University of Vienna and by its Central Informatics Service (in German: Zentraler Informatikdienst - ZID) and is technically supervised for content by the University Library. The project direction takes place in the University Library. The specified Terms of Use apply. The electronic publishing and archiving is free for object suppliers (there are limits to be observed, e.g. for students, or organizational units) and is performed simply through the process of independent uploading. Users are supported by the PHAIDRA service, reachable at In case of technical problems, the university-wide help desk of the ZID of the University of Vienna provides support Online help is integrated throughout the system and can be specifically accessed whenever necessary. The most important information appears regularly on the service site (including cases concerning legal issues surrounding usage). Regular announcements are posted. Training: Training is provided by the library or as part of university training measures to be conducted in human resources development. In addition, if required, individual special training will be provided.


Head of Department: Dr. Susanne Blumesberger


University Library of Vienna - PHAIDRA
Universitätsring 1
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