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More Than Just a Data Store

PHAIDRA does everything a data and digital asset repository should do, but PHAIDRA is much more.

The project is built on the Fedora Repository - one of the most popular and, in our opinion the best, Open Source repositories available. But PHAIDRA extends on Fedora with a broader, integrated stack of Open Source tools, libraries, components and APIs. The end result is a far more comprehensive and user-friendly digital asset management solution that removes the complexity of data management for non-technical users, as well as providing a set of time-saving building blocks for more ambitious digital projects.

PHAIDRA is focused on simplifying digital management plans and delivering modern digital services. The comprehensive stack of open technologies makes it easier for projects to not just store, but to share, reuse and repurpose digital assets. And, in line with FAIR data principles, PHAIDRA ensures data can be found, accessed, integrated and reused by others.

More than just a data store, our aim is that the archive becomes a place where research data and digital assets go to live in the open.


The PHAIDRA Project has been designed to offer functionality on three levels:


Data repositories can be a confusing and intimidating place. The PHAIDRA user interface is geared towards making it simple for non-technical users to store, share and find data and digital assets in line with required data management plans.

User friendly features range from custom templates and metadata automation to simplify submitting data, to search features such as image and document previews and support for streaming services for music and video.

Find out more about how PHAIDRA supports FAIR Data and usability


Our framework of VUE JavaScript components make it easy for organisations and more ambitious projects to develop web applications, custom user interfaces and lightweight applications based on any assets in the repository. PHAIDRA VUE Components give JavaScript developers fast, simple access to all the features we use in our UI, with the ability to reuse, remix and build on them to create something new.

From online museums, libraries and archives to field-specific applications from archeology to the arts, our community is using PHAIDRA to develop digitization projects which bring data and digital assets to life – by bringing them in new ways to more people.


Whether it is for backend integration projects or just developers looking to use their own favourite tools and frameworks, The PHAIDRA API offers access to the features of the PHAIDRA stack through a REST API.

The API delivers more than simple access to the data, with the ability to access the full functionality of the PHAIDRA stack as a set of services. This includes all the necessary workflow and methods around an object, for example image provision, usage statistics or upload verification.

PHAIDRA API offers a straightforward, technology-agnostic option for developers, providing a helpful and powerful set of API services, through a set of clearly-structured JSON calls.

Delve into the docs to see how PHAIDRA works