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Research institutions across the globe share the need to deliver modern digital applications and services for data and digital asset management.

The PHAIDRA Project is about sharing these costs and experiences through open source, community, and collaboration.

PHAIDRA is an open development project that uses Open Source technologies. The project is hosted by the University of Vienna and is currently used in more than 2O institutions across Europe.

PHAIDRA Conference & Partner Meetings

Through the annual PHAIDRAcon events, our community shares ideas, help, innovation, best practice and experiences. PHAIDRA is, above all, an active, open community geared to answering the needs of its users.


For year-round discussion, we also run the EpistemiCast podcast series, exploring a broad range of topics around Open Research Data, Open Access and Open Academia.

Become a Partner

PHAIDRA is currently installed across a range of institutions: some run our default instance, while others customize the User Interface and build custom solutions; some of our partners host their own PHAIDRA installation, while others provide hosting for additional partners. As a result, our community can offer constulting and services to answer any need.

Whether you are interested in support with data management planning and setting up a PHAIDRA repository at your institution, hosted services or building custom applications on PHAIDRA, please contact us at