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University Library in Kragujevac

The University Library in Kragujevac is a library of a generally scientific character, and its activity has the function of teaching, scientific and researching processes at the University. This is how it contributes to successful studying, spreading and affirmation of knowledge, teaching and scientific advanced training and creative work of professors and researchers on faculties and institutes of the University in Kragujevac. The Library users are, primarily, students, postgraduates, university professors, workers in the field of science, and all other citizens under special conditions.

The decision to found the University Library was made by the University Senate in Kragujevac on May 6th in 1977. The main aim was, by founding and developing the Library, to make conditions for fulfilling functions and development of the contemporary University.

The Library is situated in a part of the University complex, taking space of 1500m2, and it includes: the main reading room with 50 places for readers and 10 places for free Internet access, periodical reading room with 20 places for readers, several storage rooms (depots) for storing publications, working offices for employees and University Gallery.

The active Library holdings total around 100.000 copies of domestic and foreign books, 2.500 copies of doctoral dissertations and master theses, defended on faculties of the University in Kragujevac, as well as 450 titles of domestic and 105 titles of foreign journals. A reference collection of domestic and foreign references is of special importance (encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, bibliographies) as well as several legacies of important institutions of this town and of outstanding people of this region.

The University Library, as part of its main activity, accomplishes a series of accompanying programs (scientific, literary and cultural, teaching and educational, vocational and publishing). The Library has its own publishing activity and publishes Bibliography of papers of professors and researchers of the University, as well as Bibliography of doctoral dissertations and master theses defended at University of Kragujevac.


Tel: +381 (0)34 300-299
+381 (0)34 302-219

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34000 Kragujevac